What it takes to win cover

Take control of your confidence

The inside track to unleashing your potential

How would everything change if you could unleash your potential? Using a unique framework created by elite sportspeople to inspire and drive greater performance, Take control of your confidence explains how we can all win, if we’re confident.

But what is confidence?

And how can you utilise this multifaceted and highly personalised concept?

In this book we have combined our decades of elite sports performance with scientific research into an eight-point framework developed to put you on the path to success, be it in the boardroom, on a bike or tackling the everyday challenges life throws your way. In Take control of your confidence we lay out a plan to allow you to achieve better results by mastering this crucial psychological contributor to winning:

Belief in purpose

  • Discover your purpose

Ownership of identity

  • What are your guiding values?
  • Which of these is most important?

Clarity of the win

  • Time travel to your win and visualise the feeling
  • What are the critical elements to achieving this?

Commitment to perform

  • Planning to boost the probability of success
  • Establishing a link between mindset, attitude and behaviour that means you can be at your best more often
  • Learning to learn through review and analysis of your performance.

Authors: David Carry, Dr. Hannah Macleod, Katherine Moore and Dr. Scott Gardner
Publisher: Track Record
Format: Paperback and Kindle
ISBN: 970000000001


David Carry

Founder and CEO

David discovered his passion for understanding the mechanics of effective performance after swimming in three Olympic games. Appreciating the importance of targeted coaching to achieving access, he began to study in tandem with his sporting career, completing his ILM level 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring after studying Business Studies at RGU.

Dr Hannah Macleod

Leadership Coach

Succeeding Hannah’s international hockey career that saw Great Britain rise to become one of the most successful teams in British history, including Olympic gold in Rio 2016, she became intrigued by how coaching can improve performance and the impact culture has on a team. As well as a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Hannah has executive coaching qualifications and is completing her ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring.

Katherine Moore

Head Coach

Katherine has devoted more than a decade working in Olympic sport, first as a performance physiotherapist and then Head of Sports Science and Medicine. Throughout this time, she has mentored numerous Olympic champions, developing a passion and expertise for achieving success alongside wellbeing in the process. Katherine holds an MSc in Neuro-musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy and completed her ILM Level 7 in Executive coaching and Leadership Mentoring.

Dr Scott Gardner

Founder and Chairman

With over two decades experience, Scott has been the performance scientist and coach to gold medallists at the last four Olympic Games. This has translated into a unique mix of commercial acumen, people skills and scientific rigour. Alongside a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Scott has completed his Human Systems Advanced Leadership Coaching and Mentoring qualifications.